Estonia offers digital education solutions for free to help Coronavirus fight

Estonia offers digital education solutions for free to help Coronavirus fight

In the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, Estonia has offered to support the educational systems of other countries with digital education services delivered at no cost.

Startup Estonia along with the Ministry of Education and Research and a few other entities have collaborated to roll out a new initiative which will allow other countries access to their digital education tools.

This step has been taken by the government of Estonia as most countries are facing school closures due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. 

Coronavirus outbreak has made Estonia and the world more reliant on digital education

Due to school closures, means of teaching and learning have moved online, leaving educationists and parents in dire need of digital educational tools to facilitate the learning of the students. 

Märt Aro, Co-Founder of the European EdTech Alliance, believes that since Estonia was quick to adapt to the concept of digital education, it already has a plethora of digital learning tools readily available to deploy.

Aro said: “A number of tools are prepared for international usage and the companies developing those tools have also kindly agreed to support other countries in need. The aim of this initiative is to support distance learning and work in the education sector during this time of crisis. The aim of these solutions is to increase the social aspect of distance learning and do their best to motivate learners.”

These digital education tools in Estonia are usually co-created between educational institutions and companies.

Multiple Estonia e-learning tools made available for all to access

Amongst the available digital tools there is a maths platform,, which allows teachers to create math games and allow students to compete against each other. will allow higher education institutes to encourage e-admission and the chance for remote work., a platform that connects tutors with potential students has waived its fees until the end of the academic year. ALPA Kids is offering its early education content for free. 

A full list of free Estonia digital education tools has been made available for everyone to access.

Zahra Hamdani - Reporter, Global Education Times (GET News)

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