EMLYON makes Esports an academic credits option

EMLYON makes Esports an academic credits option

French business school EMLYON has announced that it will be providing Esports as an optional way for its students to gain additional academic credits as part of graduation requirements.

In doing so, EMLYON claims it has become the ‘first international business school’ to announce a dynamic investment in Esports and to decisively classify Esports as an official discipline in its own right.

EMLYON students can earn ECTS credits by playing games such as League of Legends, Fortnite and FIFA.

As part of EMLYON’s collaboration with the Gaming Campus, EMLYON students can utilise Gaming Campus’ online training platform for esports.

Students will receive live group coaching and the opportunity to exchange directly with an Esport professor. They will also receive corrected practical exercises and video courses, amongst other associated tools and lessons.

Up to 2.5 ECTS can be gained through Esports, and this option is currently available to all students enrolled in the Global BBA and Msc in Management programmes.

Speaking to Global Education Times, Mickaël Romezy, Sport Makers Director at EMLYON business school, discussed whether the school was concerned about the perception of this as a ‘gimmick’.

“Far beyond pure entertainment, Esports require specific knowledge to be implemented and developed in order to achieve a high level of expertise.

“Esports also requires a lot of training and to develop managerial skills that can be transposed in a corporate environment.

Towards the end of last year, EMLYON Business School also forged a formal partnership with global hospitality and holiday resort company Club Med to progress hospitality research.

“Our students, like our faculty, have perfectly understood what this supervised practice could bring them in their professional career: capacity for strategic analysis, risk calculation, leadership, team spirit, stress management, decision making and performance management.

EMLYON ECTS credits can be earned by playing esports like Fortnite and FIFA

Romezy also reaffirmed his belief that these extra courses will benefit these students in the job-market.

“The world in which we currently live, with the pre-eminence of data and digital, and the fact that our students are evaluated on these practices on a global level, will allow them to have an extra strength in front of recruiters, in being able to explain the development of these skills by experience and practice rather than on the declarative.”

Valérie Dmitrovic, Chief Executive Director of Gaming Campus, expressed her pleasure at this development.

“This is a groundbreaking decision for EMLYON, and I am sure they are paving the path for others to follow suit.”


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