Easier Russian citizenship for foreign students

Easier Russian citizenship for foreign students

The Government of Russia has indicated that it will be looking at providing an easier pathway to Russian citizenship for foreign students in the country.

Earlier this year, a cabinet official from the Government of Russia has announced that foreign students who graduate from Russian universities can expect to find it easier to get a Russian passport as early as this year, according to reports from The Moscow Times.

This comes as the nation grapples with a skills shortage driven by a shrinking population.

The Russian government have invoked a number of financial programmes in recent years in an effort to reverse its declining population and record-low migration levels.

President Vladimir Putin’s efforts include attracting Russian-speaking migrants and easing citizenship rules for residents of areas of eastern Ukraine.

Simplification of Russian citizenship process for foreign students

Ilya Torosov, Deputy Economic Development Minister in the Government of Russia, told state-run TASS news agency earlier this year: “We’ve finally ensured that the Interior Ministry will submit a bill this year simplifying citizenship for foreign students who graduate from Russian universities.

“That way, we get young people who have put themselves through five or six years of schooling Russia, know the Russian language and have higher education.”

Torosov estimated that about 20 percent of migrants in Russia currently have some form of higher education.

Given Russia’s rapidly declining population, the United Nations released a demographic report recently that predicted that Russia’s population could decrease by half by the end of this century.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has designed a draft bill that will explore options towards offering better access to jobs and Russian citizenship for foreign students in the country.

The Internal Affairs ministry has clarified that the accelerated citizenship option will apply only to those foreign students in Russia who graduate with honours from any of the country’s state universities. 

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