Coventry University in Poland to recruit non-EU students

Coventry University in Poland to recruit non-EU students

Coventry University in Poland has gained the right to recruit students from outside the EU for its undergraduate courses.

The British university recently opened a campus in the Polish city of Wroclaw and was awaiting the necessary permissions to bring international non-EU students to its campus.

The statement came after the decision from the Polish Government’s Minister for Internal Affairs to grant Coventry University the necessary approval to expand its student recruitment outside of the EU.

Commenting on the development, John Dishman, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Coventry University, and CEO for CU Group, said: “We hope that by introducing international students to our Wroclaw Campus, and thereby diversifying the student body, we will give our current students the opportunity to develop as global citizens.”

In the meantime, students from EU countries can still apply to, and study courses, at the campus.

Courses on offer at the Wroclaw campus include Digital Technology, Business Management and Leadership, Aviation Management, and Cyber Security.

Coventry University Poland courses to be ‘offered in blocks’

The new Wroclaw campus in Poland will offer multiple intakes throughout the year and students will have the opportunity of gaining a British degree awarded by Coventry University in mainland Europe.

The university announced that its courses will be ‘offered in blocks’ for both part-time and full-time, and interested students will allowed to begin any of the intake blocks during the academic year – September, November, January, February, April, or June.

Part-time students will be able to take up to four blocks a year and will need to complete twelve blocks to finish their degrees.

Coventry University said that its courses will be taught in English, and students will be able to study without the pressure of year-end exams, at a pace that suits them, with the additional opportunity for career-focused placement services.

Pic: Coventry University press office

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