Coventry University and Bellerbys College sign progression agreement

Coventry University and Bellerbys College sign progression agreement

Coventry University has announced a new progression agreement with Study Group’s Bellerbys College, in order to provide international students a new route towards achieving a place at the university.

Coventry University recently signed a conditional progression agreement with Bellerbys College, which ensures that students attending either of the institution’s Brighton or London campuses who meet the entry grade requirements will be guaranteed a place to study with the University.

Bellerbys works with a significant number of partner universities across the UK, including University of Bristol, University of Surrey, Leeds Arts University, University of Bath and Durham University.

Coventry University latest addition to Bellerbys partnerships network across UK

Justin Wood, Acting Director of the International Office at Coventry University, responded to the partnership between the two institutions with enthusiasm:

“Bellerbys provides the perfect springboard into many of the UK’s top universities.

“At Coventry, we’ve enjoyed a long history of welcoming their students and have first-hand experience of the huge contribution they make to life on campus.”

International student recruitment will ‘look different’ to pre-Coronavirus days

In an exclusive statement to GET News, Emma Lancaster, CEO of Study Group, commented on recent shifts in the student recruitment process, and how COVID-19 has impacted international student numbers:

“International students continue to place a high value on a British education and the opportunity to progress to excellent UK universities.

“While international student recruitment will look different to previous years, we are confident that we can continue to set students on the path to success at British universities.

“We’ve moved teaching online for students who have returned home due to COVID-19 and we continue to provide outstanding care and support to students who remain with us in London and Brighton.

“Dedicated teaching and pastoral support have always been at the heart of Bellerbys’ programmes and we’re committed to maintaining these principles during this difficult period.

“This crisis has not changed the underlying value of caring for students and helping them achieve progression to universities in the UK. We are fully confident that these will remain at the heart of our business beyond this temporary disruption.”

Pic: Bellerbys College, Brighton

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