Club Med and emlyon Business School announce partnership

Club Med and emlyon Business School announce partnership

France’s emlyon Business School has forged a formal partnership with global hospitality and holiday resort company Club Med to progress hospitality research.

The partnership between France’s emlyon and Club Med will focus specifically on research activities, pedagogy and executive education.

As part of their drive to progress research, professors and researchers from the emlyon Lifestyle Research Centre will undertake ethnographic research to address key issues for Club Med.

Research will focus on understanding the customer experience at Club Med resorts, giving the organisation concrete explanations and applications to tackle issues within HR, marketing, operations and other departments.

emlyon professors will also benefit from the exchange as they will have access to field research, through which insights about the creation and consumption of customer experience can be developed and disseminated for a wider audience.

Emlyon students will be involved in ethnographic research

Speaking about the wider benefits of the research, Joonas Rokka, Director of the lifestyle research center at emlyon business school, told Global Education Times: “Ethnographic thinking in management is now more important than ever. The business world is changing at such a rapid speed and more data is being produced and used than ever before.

“Managers now only have very little time to make very important decisions. Teaching managers to have an ethnographic mindset will ensure they are able to continuously reflect on the “right” questions and perspectives, critical analyse the masses of empirical evidence, and wade through the masses of data to find that that is useful to the business.

emlyon research will actively shape the image of Club Med resorts

In addition to the research to be undertaken, emlyon will offer a G.Os (Great Organisers) managers module certification.

The programme will look to improve the Club Med customer experience and implement research findings from the Lifestyle Research Center into Club Med’s activities.

Madeleine Clow, Director of Product and Services at Club Med, said: “The ethnographic research, carried out by emlyon, allows us a moment to simply stop our busy days and observe how  our customers are living their holiday experience.

“The nature of the research and adaptability of the students allows us to measure a range of topics, such as atmosphere, family, product communication and many more.

“Client observation is essential today in a multigenerational, international and highly connect market. We must always be questioning our direction and client needs.”

Rokka added: “Teaching this ethnographic mindset to students is extremely important part of the lifestyle research center’s activities, more specifically in the context of this partnership, teaching this mindset to the managers of Club Med.

“The partnership will also focus on research projects for emlyon professors to look into the key issues around customer experience that Club Med is experiencing, but from an external, customer perspective.

“Whilst for emlyon, the Club Med brand offers researchers a unique access to field research across three different continents – something that previously wouldn’t be accessible.”

Pic: Romain Etienne/Collectif ITEM

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