ARTE to ramp up Educ’ARTE to reach more students in Europe

ARTE to ramp up Educ’ARTE to reach more students in Europe

ARTE France is looking to ramp up the development of its Educ’ARTE initiative in a bid to expand the offer and enable Educ’ARTE to reach more students in Europe.

In a statement posted on its website in June, the French government said that ARTE France is set to provide new versions of services for Educ’ARTE in order to reach students in primary to tertiary schools in Europe. It is also taking part in discussions on a common educational offer from public broadcasters.

“With ARTE Education, ARTE is stepping up its action on behalf of young Europeans, with a view to enabling all schoolchildren, of whatever social or geographical background, to assimilate a common core of knowledge with a cultural focus, imbued with the channel’s European values,” the French government’s statement said.

Educ’ARTE provides on-demand educational services

Educ’ARTE is a subscription video-on-demand service intended for students and lecturers’ use. It is based on a video catalogue of more than 1,000 audiovisual programmes in subjects such as literature and philosophy, history and geography, and science, among others.

Educ’ARTE is available in several languages along with innovative teaching tools that enable users to personalise videos in order to view them while in class or at home, on all types of screens.

France’s Educ’ARTE to reach more students

At present, ARTE France is servicing almost 1,000 schools and 700,000 students with Educ’ARTE across France and Europe including Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

ARTE Education, which operates Educ’ARTE, is a joint venture subsidiary of ARTE France and Caisse des Dépôts’ Banque des Territoires. The latter owns a 33.3-percent stake in the latter, and 6.7-percent owned by The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.

The operations were carried out in the context of the Investment for the Future Programme (PIA)’s “Culture, Heritage and Digital Technology” call for expressions of interest.

Educ’ARTE has been provided with €100 million investment to provide heritage and culture in the digital age.

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