XJTLU launches Learning Mall in China

XJTLU launches Learning Mall in China

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), the largest international joint venture university in China, has launched its new online innovation centre – Learning Mall.

XJTLU Learning Mall is China’s first simultaneously online and onsite ‘learning ecosystem’, and is due to become fully operational in around three months’ time.

The university announcement revealed that the XJTLU Learning Mall innovation centre will utilise a variety of different content providers, which includes other universities and industry partners from across the world.

The announcement said that, with the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets, the Learning Mall concept hopes to enable the world’s university students to collaborate on a project which is being led by a single instructor.

Students who are using the platform will also be given extensive flexibility as they will be able to opt for a range of different courses available.

Content providers from across the world can collaborative on XJTLU Learning Mall in China

The platform will provide the opportunity for the course providers, which include higher education institutions as well as individual innovators, inventors and researchers, to provide a wide variety of different content types to students.

Students themselves will also thus have numerous opportunities to connect with potential mentors, find internships and plan future careers.

XJTLU also stated that the nature of this platform means participants can create content in a collaborative way too, forming their own partnerships and connections to provide more dynamic and original content.

Furthermore, the Learning Mall’s educational content will evolve over time, based on what proves to be popular and relevant for its students.

The university stated that, in this way, the XJTLU Learning Mall exemplifies the way it continually strives to innovate, as well as its aim to transform the landscape of the world’s higher education.

XJTLU platform will ‘challenge the conventional norms for learning engagement’

Professor Youmin Xi, Executive President of XJTLU, expressed his hopes and anticipation for the university’s latest enterprise.

“[The XJTLU Learning Mall] will challenge the conventional norms for learning engagement.

“Universities deserve their continued existence only if they maximize their value, not just for university students, but also for graduates and the wider community.

“Combining the best aspects of onsite education and technology – as we are in the XJTLU Learning Mall – is how we maximize that value.”

Pic: Xian Jiaotong – Liverpool University

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