Urkund to supply India universities with plagiarism prevention software

Urkund to supply India universities with plagiarism prevention software

Swedish technology firm Urkund has been awarded a contract to supply universities in India with plagiarism prevention software.

The Government of India is currently seeking to enhance the quality of research within the nation’s academic institutions.

The Indian government believes that this can be achieved by deterring research misconduct and plagiarism and promoting originality and innovation.

Swedish firm Urkund specialises in text analysis powered by machine learning.

Plagiarism prevention through Urkund a key goal for India

With plagiarism being considered such a large problem within academia in India, it wasn’t until August 2018 that the Government of India started to take action to reduce the rate at which it was occurring.

As a result they introduced a tiered system in which any paper that is submitted with over 10% similarity detected will need to either be revised (10% to 40%), the individual suspended (40% to 60%) or the student being removed from the programme (greater than 60%).

Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal, Union Human Resource Manager, told the Central Advisory Board of Education: “[the software] will significantly help to improve the quality of research outcome by ensuring the originality of ideas and publication of the research scholars.”

eGalactic, with whom Urkund has a long-standing partnership in India, was instrumental in the process of gaining the commitment and trust by the Indian government.

Andreas Ohlson, Chief Executive Officer at Urkund commented, “We’re incredibly proud to be entrusted to help improve education quality in India, the world’s largest democracy.”

He added that, “the tender itself is a great sign of governmental responsibility and oversight for the challenge of countering plagiarism. I must say it brought the best solution to the table with what I believe are the toughest technological requirements I’ve seen to date.”

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