Universities in China cancel foreign students entrance exams

Universities in China cancel foreign students entrance exams

A number of universities in China have announced that they will be cancelling their entrance exams for foreign students due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Several Chinese universities – including Peking University (Beida), Shanghai Jiaotong University and Renmin University – have recently announced on their websites that they have cancelled written entrance examinations for prospective foreign students.

This action by universities in China comes amid Coronavirus fears, as a responsive measure to ensure the safety of the prospective students, domestic as well as foreign.

The entrance exams would normally form a key requirement for overseas students hoping to gain one of the places at these institutions.

Entrance exams cancellation driven by need to limit Coronavirus damage

The decision came as part of the latest in measures aiming to limit the global spread of COVID-19 in China.

The written examinations would have otherwise necessitated the international travel of these prospective students, which is likely to have posed significant health risks.

According to a recent report by Radio Free Asia, analysts have stated that entrance exams being called by the institutions will likely mean that it will be significantly easier for hopeful foreign students to secure a place at these prestigious institutions.

China entrance exams cancelled as a measure to protect prospective foreign students

Peking University (Beida) made a recent announcement on its website, stating that this action was made in order to prioritise the safety of its hopeful students.

“To protect the health of the majority of candidates during the coronavirus pandemic … the University has taken the decision to cancel the written examinations for international students applying to being in an undergraduate program in 2020.”

Recently, China also took the decision to postpone the Gaokao exam, also known as the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), which is held every year from 7 to 8 June, to 7 to 8 July, as the country continues to battle the Coronavirus outbreak.

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