UAE sponsors overseas studies for students

UAE sponsors overseas studies for students

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education has sponsored 19 students to study in top universities around the world.

In a report, it said that a total of 19 Emirati students enrolled in public universities in the UAE will be sponsored to study advanced sciences, international affairs, business and energy at universities around the world.

Institutions include London School of Economics, and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, Korea University in South Korea, McGill University in Canada and the University of California, Berkeley in the United States.

Their courses will be paid for by the Ministry under the Ambassadors programme that organises two weeks to up to six weeks of workshops or training courses abroad for school pupils, university students and teachers every spring and summer.

Previously, students had to organise their own summer courses abroad and fund them themselves.

UAE sponsors overseas studies with The Ambassadors Programme

The Ambassadors Programme was launched only in 2016 with an aim to diversify students’ knowledge while also giving them best study opportunities abroad and gain valuable experience.

For this year, a total of 731 school pupils, 112 teachers and 102 university students will undergo training under the ­programme.

“We have started in a new direction with national universities and colleges where we assist students to get admission in summer courses in international universities,” Ministry assistant undersecretary Dr Amna Al Shamsi said.

“The Ministry recognised the impact of international exposure on students and that is why this programme was introduced in collaboration with the public universities in UAE,” she added.

Dr Al Shamsi said the initiative would benefit the students and in turn strengthen national ­institutes.

“This will help students get access to international courses and explore other opportunities for postgraduate studies in those universities,” she said.

Sophie Oakes, higher education adviser at Gabbitas, an education consultancy in Dubai, said summer programmes are crucial for students and common elsewhere in the world.

“Emirati students are quite likely to be ahead of the game as they live in such an international society,” she added.

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