Tongji University CDAWM academy to promote China-Germany economics collaboration

Tongji University CDAWM academy to promote China-Germany economics collaboration

Shanghai-based Tongji University has announced the establishment of CDAWM – the Sino-German Academy for Economics and Management – to promote collaboration between the two countries in the field of economics.

The academy is committed to promoting exchanges and collaboration between China and Germany within the fields of economics, finance, and management, as well as providing technological and talent support.

The academy will seek to develop a scientific theoretical foundation for economic and technological cooperation between China and Germany and for the ongoing implementation of China’s Belt and Road initiative.

They will offer decision-making support and integrated solutions to address the challenges faced by multinationals operating in both countries, and will build a pool of talented economic management professionals who will facilitate the comprehensive and strategic Sino-German partnership.

China to build connection with Germany through Tongji University CDAWM

Fang Shouen, Tongji University party committee secretary, speaking at the opening ceremony for CDAWM, said: “Tongji University has long been committed to building on its storied connection with Germany in a move to expand the width and depth of its partnership with the country.

“CDAWM is being established with the purpose of further strengthening the two countries’ joint efforts in the fields of economics, finance and management.”

Tongji University has always been committed to promoting bilateral exchanges in education, technology and culture.

As China and Germany continue to deepen their economic and technological collaboration and trade exchanges alongside the ongoing implementation of the Belt and Road initiative, the integration and exchange of higher education between China and Germany plays a key role as the cultural exchange progresses.

The School of Economics and Management’s disciplinary strength in the fields of economics, finance and management combined with the years of experience in collaborating with universities around the world, positions Tongji University in establishing CDAWM with the support Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg (Sino-German College for Postgraduate Studies (CDHK)).

Tongji University CDAWM also wants to develop talented individuals who will put their expertise and skills acquired in both a Chinese and a Western context into practice.

Pic: Tongji University CDAWM

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