Philippines pushes for deeper Russia education cooperation

Philippines pushes for deeper Russia education cooperation

Leonor Briones, Education Secretary of the Philippines, co-opened the ASEAN-Russia Forum in Moscow last month, expressing the country’s intent to explore areas for deeper cooperation, especially in education, between the two countries.

At the forum, ongoing education best practices in basic, technical, and higher, education among ASEAN countries, Philippines and Russia were discussed and areas for deeper cooperation in various endeavours were explored.

Sent by President Rodrigo Duterte, Briones was among the high officials giving opening remarks.

In her speech, she outlined the historical cooperation between Russia and ASEAN, as well as with the Philippines, that “has been ongoing without fanfare.”

Long history of Philippines and Russia education cooperation

The Department for Education (DepEd) Chief also recalled that there were a number of big batches of Philippines student education exchanges with Russia in the 1960s, and that she knows some of the alumni of this programme personally.

Briones noted: “there are many framework platforms of cooperation between Russia and ASEAN, not only in education but in other areas as well”, but the “challenge is implementation.”

Nepomuceno Malaluan, DepEd Undersecretary, also spoke at the panel on basic education. He stated: “One area of cooperation that can have [the] greatest impact on education quality is in the area of in-service professional development of teachers.”

It was also noted by DepEd of the Philippines that one highlight from the Russian education presentations was of their strong programmes for gifted children, an area in which Briones expressed “great interest”.

DepEd also noted that Russia also delivered a number of presentation on their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiatives with the use of small interactive robots for educational play in early grades.

Pic: Philippine Embassy in Russia/ASEAN-Russia Forum

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