Number of foreign students in Korea at record high

Number of foreign students in Korea at record high

The number of foreign students in South Korea has hit a record high, Pulse News has reported.

After local universities reached out overseas in order to sustain quota aid thinning demand at home, institutes of higher education in Korea have registered a big rise in international student numbers.

This comes from data released by the National Institute for International Education, which is affiliated with the education ministry.

At the 430 universities and graduate schools in South Korea, the number of foreign students registered as of April 1st has risen to 160,165.

This is an increase of 12.6% from the previous year, and the highest ever recorded figure since data collection began in 1998.

From 2015, when there were 91,332 enrolled, the number of foreign students enrolled in Korean has been growing by approximately 10% each year.

The number exceeded 100,000 for the first time in 2016.

Foreign students in South Korea pay higher fees than local students

Non-Koreans studying in South Korea are more desirable to local universities as they pay a higher rate of tuition fees.

Foreign students are heading to Korea to undertake a mixture of degree courses and non-degree courses, including Korean language and job training classes at universities.

The number of foreign students admitted in degree courses totalled 100,215, making up 62.6% of the total.

This is a 16.5% increase from 86,036 persons in the previous year.

Non-degree courses have also seen a 6.7% increase to 59,950 persons.

China produces the largest amount of foreign students in Korea, accounting for 44.4% of all students enrolled at a Korean university.

This is a slight decrease from the previous year and continues the trend of Chinese students declining since 2010 when they accounted for over 70%.

Other students came from Vietnam (23.4%), Mongolia (4.6%), Japan (2.7%) and the United States (1.8%).

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