Karnataka top destination for foreign students in India

Karnataka top destination for foreign students in India

A survey from India’s HRD ministry has stated that the state of Karnataka continues to be the top study abroad destination in India for higher education among foreign students.

Leading the list of states in India by a long distance, the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) for 2018-19 says the total number of foreign students enrolled in higher education is 47,427. Karnataka has the highest proportion of foreign students, with 10,023 enrolled.

The Karnataka foreign students figure for 2018-19 is, however, significantly lower than the 14,500 that the state had attracted in the year 2015-16.

Since the HRD ministry began the data collection in 2012-13, Karnataka’s share of foreign students in India has remained between 20% and (nearly) 35%.

The survey brackets higher education institutions under three categories: universities, colleges and standalone institutions. 962 universities, 38,179 colleges and 9,190 standalone institutions participated in the survey for 2018-19.

Most foreign students come from neighbouring countries

The survey revealed that foreign students come from 164 different countries. The top 10 countries account for 63.7% of the total foreign students enrolled.

The highest share of foreign students come from neighbouring countries: Nepal (26.9%), Afghanistan (9.8%), Bangladesh (4.4%) Sudan (4%), Bhutan (3.8%) and Nigeria (3.4%).

The majority (73.4%) of foreign students are enrolled on undergraduate coursed, followed by PG with 16.1% enrolment.

BTech is the most popular course with 8,861 students, followed by BBA (3,354), BSc (3,320) and BA (2,226) BPharma, BCA, MBBS, nursing and BDS are among the popular undergraduate courses, according to the report.


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