Israeli universities laud CHE Study in Israel plans

Israeli universities laud CHE Study in Israel plans

Israeli universities have lauded the plans set out by the country’s Council for Higher Education (CHE) in a bid to promote Study in Israel for international students.

Universities in Israel have welcomed an exclusive report published in Global Education Times last month in which the Israel Council for Higher Education (CHE) discussed its plans to make the country a top study abroad destination.

Professor Raanan Rein, Vice President of Tel Aviv University has, in an exclusive interview with the Global Education Times news team, applauded the positive intended impact of this announcement.

One of the ways that Professor Rein states makes this announcement a positive for future international students compared to now is the opening up of degree programs in Israel that will be offered in English.

“The new initiative of the CHE will allow universities to offer a larger number degree programs taught in English, as well as a larger number of scholarships for international students coming to study in Israel. As a national effort, this initiative will give more exposure to study opportunities in Israel.

Professor Raanan Rein, Vice President of Tel Aviv University, told Global Education Times: “In general terms, this initiative from the CHE will support Israeli institutions to put more resources into recruiting international students for a variety of programs as well as to enhance the services available for them once they arrive.

“For students, this means more options taught in English, more scholarships opportunities as well as a stronger infrastructure for them during their studies, with services adapted to their specific needs.”

Ehud Zion Waldoks, Liaison to the Foreign Press at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, told GET News: “It makes information about studying in Israel available in one central place and allows potential students to compare all the different programs.”

Professor Rein confirmed that prior to the CHE launching this programme that Israeli universities such as Tel Aviv Universities were consulted, highlighting that, “The needs and particular characteristic of each institution were taken into account when discussing the details of the program.”

Internationalisation of education key to Israel success as a study abroad destination

Ultimately, Professor Rein believes that this is a positive move for the Israeli Higher Education sector and institutions such as Tel Aviv University:

“This last decade, internationalisation has been a high priority for Tel Aviv University, which is today a very global university with close to 3000 international students per year studying in a variety of programs as all levels and partnerships with top institutions of higher education around the world.

“We are delighted that the CHE has joined us in setting this as a priority and will contribute to making the process a success. We are looking to open a growing number of relevant programs taught in English in many disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate level, in part thanks to the support coming from the CHE.”

The main attraction for international students is the academics that Israel has to offer.

Professor Rein stated: “Academically, students will gain access to top notch expertise [in Israel] in many disciplines, ranging from Archaeology to Nanotechnology. At Tel Aviv University, we put emphasis on multidisciplinary teaching and research to leverage this broad expertise.

“We also see some uniqueness in what we call the “Non-stop Discovery”, which is a very Israeli trait. The pace in Israel, combined with the lack of formality, offers opportunities for discovery and growth in and outside the classroom.

“Moreover, being in the start-up nation, Israeli universities can offer a unique experience in innovation and entrepreneurship education.

“In addition, the city of Tel Aviv, characterised by pluralism, tolerance and a broad cultural offering, can complement the academic excellence and the emphasis on multidisciplinary research of Tel Aviv University.

“We trust that Israel in general and Tel Aviv University specifically are very suited to preparing the next generation of practitioners and scholars for a rapidly evolving competitive and multicultural world.”

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