Indian ‘simultaneous’ multiple degrees plan revived

Indian ‘simultaneous’ multiple degrees plan revived

The Indian government is looking to allow the possibility of students to take multiple degrees simultaneously.

In a report by PTI over the weekend, it said that the University Grants Commission (UGC) has revived a plan to allow students to take Indian ‘simultaneous’ multiple degrees in the same or different universities.

PTI said that the UGC formed a panel led by its Vice-Chairman Bhushan Patwardhan to study the feasibility of pursuing two degrees at the same time from the same college or different universities either through distance, online mode, or part-time mode.

“The panel was set up late last month and has already met once. Now consultations are being held with different stakeholders to explore the feasibility of the idea,” a senior UGC official told PTI.

The plan has been tackled in India and a committee was also set-up in 2012, but the idea has been junked.

The 2012 committee, headed by then Vice Chancellor of Hyderabad University Furqan Qamar, had suggested that a student enrolled in a degree programme under regular mode may be allowed to pursue a maximum of one additional degree programme simultaneously under open or distance mode from the same or a different university.

Restrictions likely on full-time multiple degrees

“However, two-degree programmes under regular mode may not be allowed simultaneously as it may create logistic, administrative and academic problems,” the panel report had said.

“A student pursuing a degree programme under regular mode may be allowed to pursue a maximum of one certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, PG diploma programme simultaneously either in regular or open and distance mode in the same university or from other institutions,” it had added.

“The commission had then sought comments of the statutory councils on the committee’s report and the responses received did not endorse the idea of allowing students to pursue multiple degree programmes simultaneously. Hence the plan did not take off”.

“It has now been decided to revisit the idea because technology has brought in lot of changes. There are vast majority of people who want to pursue specialised courses besides their regular degree programmes,” the official had said.

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