India launches Study in Gujarat initiative

India launches Study in Gujarat initiative

The education department of Gujarat state in India has launched a Study in Gujarat initiative to attract more international students to the state in order to increase cultural and regional diversity on campuses in the region.

To showcase Gujarat as the educational hub of India for international students, and to increase on-campus diversity, the Study in Gujarat initiative has been launched by the state formerly led by current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

The government is also hoping to bring down the large number of vacant seats in Gujarat through this campaign.

40 universities were interested in drawing the attention of international and national (outside Gujarat) students to Gujarat.

Out of the 40, 22 government and private universities plus 4 colleges of the state have been selected to team up with the government.

While speaking about the selection process, Anju Sharma, the state of Gujarat’s principal secretary for higher and technical education, said: “While selecting 22 varsities, we kept in mind several criterion. These included NAAC score above 2.5, NBA accreditation, 80 percent placements done by varsity, Rs 2 crores or more worth of research and consultancy and 4-star or above rating in Gujarat State Institutional Rating Framework.”

Participating universities will be introducing multiple bridge courses and will host various events to help the foreign students settle into Gujarat as quickly as possible.

Roadshows planned to promote Study in Gujarat

For the promotion of the initiative, international and domestic roadshows have been arranged, which kicked off on the 14 January 2020.

Overseas roadshow destinations include 12 Middle Eastern and West Asian countries, whilst the domestic roadshow will be held in 10 cities across India.

Ministers, senior government officials and representatives of participating universities will travel on these roadshows to provide an insight to the education sector of Gujarat.

The roadshow also aims to provide a detailed firsthand experience of the higher education opportunities available.

Ahmedabad Mirror has reported that each participating university has to pay a registration fee of Rs.50,000 in order to participate in the roadshows.

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