Increase in number of foreign students choosing Turkey

Increase in number of foreign students choosing Turkey

Turkey has become one of the most favoured study destinations globally, registering a 75-percent increase in foreign students choosing Turkey over the past 10 years.

A report by Daily Sabah said that its cultural, religious, and economic strengths and location were some of the factors enticing foreigners to study in Turkey.

25,000 foreign students granted scholarships

To date, as much as 25,000 students were said to be studying with scholarships in the said country, as a result of the growing number of outstanding higher education facilities for foreign students choosing Turkey.

Daily Sabah said that the bulk of inbound students were coming from Asia, Africa, and the Balkans.

“Turkey is a world centre where civilisations meet. The country is rich, and it is the meeting place of cultures of Islam, the Ottomans and Mesopotamia,” Ferdinand Hasmuca, a post-graduate student from of the Ankara University and from Albania, was quoted as saying in an interview with Anadolu Agency.

Hassle-free education for foreign students choosing Turkey

He added that it was much easier to get a residence permit after applying in a university in Turkey as compared with Europe.

Hasmuca said that studying in Turkey was also much cheaper, underscoring that a non-government organisation helps foreign students pursue education through providing dormitories and other facilities.

“For example, about 30 students, including me, continued education with the help of the Asma Kopru International Students Association,” Hasmuca said.

Mubarek Muhammed, a political science student of Ankara’s Yıldırım Beyazıt University, said that he had two countries to choose from for his overseas study—the United States and France, but he chose Turkey for its cultural and religious features.

Somali high school student Abdurrezak Muhammed also said that he would recommend Turkey to everyone in his country because of the fact that Turkey is also a Muslim country.

Ubeydullah Yusuf, an engineering student of Yildirim Beyazit University and a native of Thailand, that he would recommend Turkey for children who do not have access to education.

Mufizu Rhaman, a Rohingya Muslim studying international relations in the same institution, said he came to Turkey due to difficulties his community was facing in Myanmar. He also thanked the Turkish government and people for their support for the uprooted Rohingya Muslim community.

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