IC3 event held in Mumbai with nearly a 1000 attendees

IC3 event held in Mumbai with nearly a 1000 attendees

Nearly 1000 educators from over 35 countries met last month in Mumbai for the 4th Edition of the International Career and College Counselling conference – IC3.

The IC3 Conference attracts attendees from India, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, among other countries for a collaborative dialogue on counselling and admissions practices focused on student success.

The conference featured over 45 breakout sessions, insightful keynote addresses by leading education experts, planned networking opportunities and high school/ university fairs, exclusively for educators.

Dr Rajika Bhandari, Senior Advisor for Research and Strategy at the Institute of International Education (IIE) states: “The student mobility landscape is poised to understand significant changes, and it is timely for us to revisit the brain-drain issue and examine the fundamental ethics, assumptions, and power dynamics that underpin student mobility, thus ensuring that the mobility of students and talent is based on principles of access, equity and inclusiveness.”

In line with the increasing global shift within education, the theme for this year’s conference was: ‘Finding the Elusive Fit: Navigating Domestic and Global Opportunities’.

IC3 in Mumbai notes career and college counselling as important to students as mathematics and English

With a view that career and college counselling is as important as teaching mathematics or English in high schools, IC3 aims to empower high schools with professional development opportunities.

They seek to ensure that students find the best answers to questions regarding what to study, where to study and how to make these study goals happen.

Mr Ganesh Kohli, Founding President of the IC3 Movement & Chair of the 2019 IC3 Conference, added: “Young people leaving school today are like airplanes without [a] navigation system. They don’t know where to go. Since the launch of the IC3 Movement, we have come a long way in providing resources and training to help develop career and college counselling offices across India.

“With the growing challenge among students of navigating a plethora of career and college choices, a career and college counselling department at school has become a critical necessity. Our objective is to continue guiding schools so that they have a deeper understanding of student needs and provide appropriate solutions.”

Through the Annual IC3 Conference, IC3 Regional Forums and the IC3 Institute, the IC3 movement envisions that every high school in South Asia and the surrounding region will run a robust, well-resourced career and college counselling office.

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