Google Korea to train AI experts with schools partnerships

Google Korea to train AI experts with schools partnerships

Google Inc. has partnered with two Korean institutions to train and sponsor individuals to become Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts.

In a statement last week, Google said its Korean unit has signed agreements with Seoul National University and KAIST, a national research university based in Daejeon, South Korea, to provide research and educational supports to AI training participants.

Under the agreement, Google Korea will offer worth $50,000 each for AI-related studies from two faculty members of each university.

It will allow participants to partner with Google’s engineers and researchers to achieve the initiative, offer students a chance to participate in its one-year doctorate programme with travel grants of $3,000 for their attendance at relevant academic conferences, and other internship opportunities.

Google Korea to train AI experts

Google said its Korean subsidiary will also provide material related to Google’s platform technology for students at the two institutions.

“Google believes AI technology will play a pivotal role in enhancing Korea’s economy and industries,” said Google Korea Chief Executive Officer John Lee. 

“Through this agreement on AI research and education with Seoul National University and KAIST, we plan to support local university-led AI research and efforts to help raise Korean AI talent while driving continuous innovation in the field of AI,” he added.

Google Korea said it decided to offer the opportunity to Seoul National University and KAIST based on the solid progress the company saw in partnering with the universities for research projects in the past. 

AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines which include learning information and rules for using the information, reasoning through using rules to reach definite conclusions, as well as self-corrections.

AI is being used by public and private companies worldwide as part of their digitalisation initiatives.


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