Foreign universities granted entry to Philippines

Foreign universities granted entry to Philippines

A new law in the Philippines allowing foreign universities and higher education institutions to establish commercial enterprises in the country has been signed by President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

The Transnational Higher Education Act (TNHE), which would allow foreign universities to provide educational services and collaborate with universities in the Philippines, was signed by the President, according to a statement issued on Wednesday.

The new law states that there is a need to provide quality education relevant to the changing needs of Filipinos in the light of the “rapid developments brought about by globalisation, including liberalisation of goods and services and expanding use of information and communication technologies, have created a climate for borderless teaching and learning.”

The transnational higher education (TNHE) industry, as defined by the new law, incorporates all types and modes of delivery of higher education study programmes, sets of courses of study, or educational services.

TNHE allows foreign universities to establish premises in the Philippines

Foreign higher education institutions (FHEI) are permitted by the Transnational Higher Education Act to establish a commercial presence or provide educational services in the Philippines through various modes or arrangements with a Philippine counterpart.

This law recognises various business models such as academic franchising, the establishment of foreign universities branch campuses in the Philippines, and the offering of joint degrees with local counterparts.

In addition, the new law permits online, blended and distance learning; twinning arrangements with foreign study components; and validation, under which an FHEI awards degrees to students who complete a programme while studying with its Philippine partners.

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