Faster Canada student visa for Pakistan with Student Direct Stream

Faster Canada student visa for Pakistan with Student Direct Stream

An initiative seeking to streamline and speed-up the processing of applications for inbound students in Canada has been expanded.

The Student Direct Stream will now be available to providing faster Canada student visa for Pakistan students.

Called the Student Direct Stream (SDS), the Canadian government expanded this faster visa-processing initiative, giving access to Pakistan students to apply for student visa study permits to Canada.

The SDS was officially launched only last year and initially served students from China, India, Philippines, and Vietnam. Student permits through the SDS were only processed under three weeks.

SDS applications require prospective students to provide more up-front information to officers, including meeting language test requirements in English or French and providing additional information that shows their ability to finance their education.

With additional information, officers can process applications more efficiently.

Faster Canada student visa for Pakistan aimed at attracting more students

The expansion of SDS supports the Government’s goal of attracting students from a more diverse range of countries.

Many international students who graduate from a program in Canada often become eligible for a post-graduation work permit.

With a Canadian education and skilled work experience in Canada, former international students are well positioned for success in applying for permanent residence through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program or the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

In 2018, in fact, nearly 54,000 former students transitioned to permanent residence, an all-time high.

“Canada’s diverse, welcoming society, high-quality educational institutions and opportunities to work or immigrate after graduation have made Canada a leading destination of choice for students from around the world,” said Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration for Refugees and Citizenship for the government of Canada.

“By expanding the Student Direct Stream to a more diverse range of prospective students, we’re enhancing the tremendous cultural, social and economic benefits that international students provide,” he added.

The Canadian government believes that providing fast and reliable study permits positions the country as a top destination for students seeking a high-quality education.

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