EEO ClassIn and Sony to help transform Japan post-Coronavirus teaching

EEO ClassIn and Sony to help transform Japan post-Coronavirus teaching

EEO ClassIn and Sony have announced that they will be joining forces in order to provide an innovative, collaborative post-Coronavirus teaching system for Japan.

The two organisations – Empower Education Online (EEO) and Sony Global Education – will work together to produce a complete OMO (online-merge-offline) teaching framework for Japan.

This alternative teaching system is designed to provide a responsive measure to help Japan’s education institutions cope with the extensive difficulties brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

EEO is the provider of ClassIn, which is the world’s largest interactive online learning platform.

Sony Global Education has been working to expand its online learning technologies in partnership with the Japanese government, as part of the national GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academic) School Initiative.

EEO ClassIn is the world’s largest interactive online learning platform

It is hoped that this collaboratively developed platform by EEO ClassIn and Sony Global Education will provide Japan with a superb long distance learning programme, that both solves the current issues exposed by the pandemic, provides a quick solution to the current e-learning issues, and also solves issues (such as imbalanced teacher resources) even after the pandemic has ended.

Regarding the current impact of COVID-19 in Japan, the rates of the pandemic have stabilised in the country, which has meant that the majority of schools were able to reopen in April.

However, the difficulties that the institutions faced (when the initial sudden school closures were announced) and struggle to provide suitable alternatives revealed that Japan’s classroom technology is currently rather lacking.

COVID-19 revealed Japan HEIs online provisions were significantly ill-prepared

Many of the re-opened schools have adopted an OMO approach to their teaching, which means that EEO ClassIn has experienced rapid growth, and currently hosts a maximum number of 2.6 million students every day.

EEO is based in Beijing and, since its establishment in 2014, has developed its ClassIn platform, which is currently being used by over 20,000 educational institutions (including Pearson, Peking University and Shanghai Jiaotong University), across the world, in 70 different countries.

The platform is due to be released later this year. It is also the intention of EEO ClassIn and Sony to expand their online education provision, by establishing a bridge between Chinese and Japanese online education industries.

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