Coronavirus: China postpones Gaokao exam to July

Coronavirus: China postpones Gaokao exam to July

China has postponed its Gaokao university entrance examination by a month to July as it battles the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The Gaokao exam, also known as the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), which is held every year from 7 to 8 June, has been postponed to 7 to 8 July, as China battles the Coronavirus outbreak.

This year, over 10 million Chinese students were expected to take the Gaokao exam, according to China Daily.

China school closures due to Coronavirus necessitated Gaokao delay

School and college closures across China since the start of the year, as the country grappled with the Covid-19 outbreak, meant there was uncertainty surrounding the erstwhile June Gaokao dates.

Since last month, China’s Ministry of Education has been deliberating on a change of date for the Gaokao.

Yesterday, after several consultations, Chinese government and education ministry officials agreed on postponing the exam and rescheduling it in early July.

With the new Gaokao date set, it is expected that the new Chinese university start dates for 2020-21 will remain unaffected despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

Over 10 million students took the Gaokao exam in 2019 and, prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, the numbers were expected to surpass last year’s high figure this year.

Beijing and Hubei Gaokao dates not yet determined

Whilst students in almost all parts of China are now expected to take the Gaokao exam in July, dates have yet to be determined for two regions – Beijing and Hubei province.

Reports say that the two regions have not yet announced if the Gaokao will go ahead on the revised July date as local authorities believe it could take longer for the pandemic to end in these areas of China.

To minimise the potential health risk this could pose to students, authorities have delayed announcing the Gaokao dates for Beijing and Hubei province.

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