Civica wins major Singapore Ministry of Education contract

Civica wins major Singapore Ministry of Education contract

British public sector software firm Civica has won a major deal with the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Civica announced that it has been contracted to digitise school libraries and provide its services to over 350 schools across Singapore.

Civica will be implementing its cloud-optimised Spydus Library management solution system, professional librarian support, its Library Collection services and its visitor-oriented services across the Singapore’s school libraries.

Civica contract latest step in Singapore ‘Learn for Life’ vision

It is hoped that this transformation and such enhanced system functionality will enable the Ministry of Education to continue the progress of its new ‘Learn for Life’ vision, and that Civica will contribute a new level of expertise and professionalism to Singapore’s school libraries.

In a statement, Civica stated that its key areas of focus in this contract will be, in addition to providing the latest Spydus enhancements, implementing an increased number of literacy programmes overseen by professional library teams, and providing expanded library collection services to offer more nuanced insights into library collections and usage trends, which will help promote better decision making when it comes to maintenance of the libraries’ collections.

Civica Singapore contract worth around SGD $95.7 million

The contract, which will last for up to five years, is worth up to Singapore SGD $95.7 million (around £52 million).

Richard Fiddis, Executive Director for Civica Asia, expressed his joy at being granted the new contract, and briefly outlined his hopes for the future of Singapore’s education system.

“We’re delighted that the [Singapore] Ministry of Education has chosen to expand our long partnership.

“This contract to develop a future-ready school library is an exciting new chapter in the way we deliver our systems, services, training, and support, for a new generation of Singaporean students.

“’Learn for Life’ aims to instill the values, attitudes and skills students need to possess to be successful now and into the future.

“Singapore has built a strong education system, widely recognized for having produced high levels of achievement among pupils of all abilities. ‘Learn for Life’ reflects the continuum of education and learning as an ongoing journey, and we look forward to being part of this.”

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