ByteDance to launch AI teacher by 2020

ByteDance to launch AI teacher by 2020

Chinese internet company ByteDance is set to release a 24-hour artificial intelligence (AI) teacher for K-12 students in China by 2020.

In 2018, ByteDance challenged the Tencent-backed VIPKid when they launched Gogokid, an online English teaching platform.

Then, in May 2019, the company officially released an online education portal offering mathematics and language courses for K-12, taught by graduates of Peking and Tsinghua universities, the top two universities in China.

Since July this year, ByteDance has focused on testing a new English learning application, Tangyuan English, which features a mode using a combination ‘AI + real person’ teaching workout.

This marks the third English language learning product by ByteDance, following Open Language and Dubaibeidanci.

Open Language provides various English podcasts based on specific scenarios, whereas the new app offers interactive video courses.

ByteDance AI teacher will help with language learning

In the workouts, the AI assistant will deliver notes in response to the pronunciation of learners, the teachers will then be in a better position to aid the student in improving their pronunciation.

This project has been led by Yang Luyu, co-founder of The team is working in collaboration with Smartisan former tech staff who were acquired when ByteDance took over some patents in January this year.

In their article, LatePost also revealed that Chen Lin, currently responsible for the innovation business side of ByteDance, is focusing heavily now on educational hardware.

This shows that the firm believes that educational hardware is crucial to their move to break into the educational field. This may represent a breakthrough point in its hardware strategy.

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