Bangladesh to sponsor Blockchain training overseas for graduates

Bangladesh to sponsor Blockchain training overseas for graduates

The Bangladesh government has committed to sponsoring Blockchain training overseas with a $208 million fund to send graduates to Japan and China for blockchain education.

In a report by The Daily Star, the Bangladesh government was said to have committed sending 100 information technology (IT) graduates overseas to boost their expertise in the fields of distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber security.

Likewise, the government will send 200 graduates of computer science and software, electrical and electronic engineering to learn about future trends of IT.

According to The Daily Star, applicants aged 32 and above are required to take an exam with the Information and Communications Technology Division in order to qualify for the programme.

Bangladesh to establish 12 hi-tech parks

The programme will be bankrolled by a governmental fund created in association with an Indian line of credit to establish 12 district ICT and hi-tech parks.

Worth 17.96 billion Bangladeshi taka ($208 million), the project’s fund was reportedly launched for implementation in July 2017, and will last until June next year.

Institutions of higher learning around the world have been prioritising education and developing programmes in distributed ledger technology.

In June, the Canada-based University of British Columbia announced a blockchain and distributed ledger technology training program for masters and doctorate students.

Last week, Ripple partnered with Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo as part of its University Blockchain Research Initiative.

The University of Tokyo will award scholarships to students doing blockchain research, while its economics department arranges seminars on blockchain and settlement.

Meanwhile, Kyoto University graduate students are conducting blockchain-related research in the areas of remittances and supply chain management, among others.

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