45 China colleges permitted to deliver MBBS in English

45 China colleges permitted to deliver MBBS in English

45 colleges have been granted permission in China to deliver MBBS medical degrees in English to international students in the country.

A record number of students from India are now enrolling to study medicine in China.

As a result, the education ministry in China has authorised 45 out of over 200 local medical colleges to deliver the MBBS medical degree programme in English, India’s Economic Times has reported.

China attracts a number of foreign students each year, particularly from India and other Asian countries, due to the affordability of its higher education compared to institutions in the US, the UK and Australia.

High demand for Chinese colleges delivering MBBS in English from international students

There are presently over 23,000 Indian students studying different courses in Chinese universities and 28,000 from Pakistan.

These figures make up a large portion of the total 500,000 foreign students currently enrolled at Chinese universities.

Over 21,000 of the 23,000 Indian students enrolled in China’s universities are studying the MBBS medical degree programme, making this year’s figures an all-time high.

As a result of this rising interest from Indian students in Chinese medical courses, the Indian Embassy has said that the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Education has approved 45 medical colleges in the country to deliver the MBBS course in English to foreign students.

Restrictions imposed on foreign medical student recruitment for colleges not on the list of 45

The Chinese Ministry of Education has clarified that universities not named in the 45 listed should not admit foreign students for the MBBS course in China to be taught in English.

Alongside these 45 colleges, Indian and other foreign students continue to be enrolled at the other 200-plus colleges.

These colleges are able to continue to recruit foreign students to study in either Chinese or English language on their programmes, with the new rule applying only to the MBBS medical degree programme in China.

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