Tshwane University selects D2L Brightspace for digital push

Tshwane University selects D2L Brightspace for digital push

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) has selected the D2L Brightspace platform as a key part of its bid to become one of South Africa’s main digital universities.

A statement from Tshwane University said that the institution hopes it will be able to significantly improve its digital and online learning (both for its blended and fully online courses) for over 64,000 students with the help of D2L Brightspace.

Tshwane D2L Brightspace implementation expected by December 2020

TUT had previously been working with a different learning provider for over 23 years. However, due to a desire to improve the quality and the range of its online learning capabilities, the year-long tender process led to D2L being awarded the new contract.

D2L is a global leader in learning technology that has provided online education solutions for millions of students across the globe.

D2L’s cloud-based learning platform, Brightspace, is designed to work on any device and can be customised by an institution in accordance with their specific needs and requirements.

Earlier this year, Denmark’s Aarhus University chose D2L Brightspace as its online learning platform due to its ‘usability and broad range of features’.

TUT wants to become South Africa’s ‘first digitally-advanced HEI’

TUT is South Africa’s largest residential university, and it is hoped that this newest advancement of its provisions will help further TUT’s ambition to become South Africa’s first digitally-advanced HEI.

Dr Annette Sadie, Head of Department of Educational Technology Integration at TUT, expressed her pleasure at the change and her anticipation for the institution’s future. 

“As the leading university of technology on the African continent, our primary objective is to advance social and economic transformation through relevant curricula, dedicated staff and an enabling environment.

“High quality learning experiences built on technology are fundamental to this goal, and after more than 23 years with our previous LMS provider, D2L is quite a breath of fresh air.

“The innovative, customisable and easy to implement learning models that Brightspace unlock will see us transcend traditional silos, expedite our digital transformation and achieve our strategic priorities.”

Israel Rosales, Regional Manager at D2L, likewise stated that he is delighted by this new partnership. 

“We are delighted to partner with TUT to enhance the learning experience for its students, increase engagement and support its broader digital transformation goals.

“D2L has a committed, knowledgeable team that is rapidly increasing reach across the African market, and we truly understand the nuanced challenges that institutions in the region are facing.

“With Brightspace and the ongoing support that this partnership will provide, we are confident that TUT will be able to increase engagement and reach a larger, more diverse community of learners.”

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