New e-learning platform Orange Campus Africa launched

New e-learning platform Orange Campus Africa launched

Telecommunications provider Orange has partnered with Virtual University of Senegal (UVS) to launch e-learning platform Orange Campus Africa.

The collaboration, which is designed to bring together content from renowned partners in education and training in one place, was announced at the Orange data center in Côte d’Ivoire during GSMA Thrive Africa.

The Orange Campus Africa e-learning initiative is driven by Orange Middle East & Africa (Orange MEA) project. From March to June this year, 15 of Orange’s subsidiaries had remotely selected courses and engaged their international and African partners free of charge.

Commenting on the innovation, Alioune Ndiaye, CEO of Orange MEA, said: “Orange wanted to offer a global platform that would meet the specific needs of African populations, universities, and businesses.

“We want universities to be able to rely on online training to provide additional training and target more students. Students and professionals will also be able to take these courses on a personal basis and obtain a certification or even a diploma recognised in their country.

“It is a big step forward, with the African institutions, which have the potential to positively impact training and thus employment in our countries.”

African universities to engage in academic exchanges on e-learning platform

Orange said one of the benefits of the Orange Campus Africa e-learning platform is the adaptation of training to local contexts (cultural, economic, etc.), optimised access via a smartphone, mobile payment in local currencies for additional or premium services (tutoring or certification, for example).

With this development, African universities will be able to rely on a platform to teach new topics, particularly related to technology and the digital economy, which are essential for developing countries and to generate jobs.

The platform will also enable universities to monitor their students online, and even to supplement training with virtual classes.

This online and classroom teaching is an asset that should help increase the number of students and remove obstacles related to the students’ geographical remoteness.

Companies will also be able to train their employees using training courses from universities or other companies (partners, product suppliers, etc.).

Professor Moussa LO, Coordinator of the UVS, remarked: “We are proud to contribute to this project, which, like the UVS project, tackles the issue of education for all, combining best practices in digital technology and a new learning experience using ICT.

“It is also a mechanism to continue learning effectively and safely in the unpredictable context of the health crisis, for which the UVS is continuing to mobilise many resources for the benefit of the hard-hit populations.”

Beyond the online services provided by the platform, it is believed that the expertise of the UVS will be able to accompany the upskilling of African academia in this new but necessary field to meet demand,

Online programs and courses from virtual universities already available on Orange Campus Africa

Orange Campus Africa said it is already offering courses from the Virtual Universities of Tunis and Senegal, the French Digital Universities UNIT (Engineering and Technology) and AUNEGE (Economics and Management), training firm Finafrique and EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science have already been made available.

A dozen other European and African institutions have confirmed their desire to distribute their training very soon through the platform.

Additionally, Orange Labs will provide training on the basics of programming and mobile operators’ association GSMA will also offer content on internet literacy to combat the digital divide.

Similarly, small organisations offering training, such as start-ups or local organisations, will also be given access to the platform to host their content and gain desired visibility.

Emaido Affia | Global Education Times (GET News)

Emaido Affia is a Nigeria-based reporter for Global Education Times who covers stories from North America, MENA and Africa for the publication. Emaido is an experienced journalist and is also a lifestyle blogger in her free-time.

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